June 12, 2013

Baby Room Art


Hehe - No, there's no baby on the way - just in case you were wondering. These are long ago pics that I was going to share - then never did. They were the art I made for Little One's Nursery - now almost five years ago. Can it be true? - he's almost five! (sigh)

To make, I painted a backdrop onto good quality card stock and fit this into my frames. 

I was lucky to find some wooden cut-outs that matched the animals embroidered onto his white cot linen at a craft shop. I then carefully painted them. Usually I don't have the patience for such finicky work, but I was very motivated to make his room special. It helped me work slowly and with a steady hand :).

Lastly, I attached the cut-outs with prestick to the glass. 

I absolutely love looking at pictures of nurseries and children's bedrooms and have lots pinned onto my Pinterest Board, Little People Decor, if you feel like browsing.

Till next time.


km said...

These are just darling!!!! now we need to see his "big boy" room decor! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has photos waiting to be blogged from five years ago.

Unknown said...

I do love nurseries and the idea of making a special baby place- but I just can never get my mind around such a project. We've had three babies and none have gotten special decor! Now baby # 4 is on the way (4 more weeks) and this one isn't getting any either! But I'm saving up lots of hugs and kisses so that's what counts right? :) (Your animals on the wall are just darling!)

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