June 30, 2013

being Real

my best presents ever. 

I turned 42 yesterday and must admit there are many days when I think - surely I should have it all together by now?  Somehow I got it into my head that someday it would all be perfect. Me in the kitchen cooking healthy food; the kids happily playing around me; the dog obediently lying on his mat watching us (like in the movies). I would look good (definitely not harassed or tired) and my home would have that lived in, but somehow still neat and ordered and pretty look about it.

It's really not like that - at all!

What I do have is lots of messy moods, a messy kitchen, a very energetic messy dog, and two (very normal) children who don't always get along, or listen or have good manners. And me - well self-control often flies right out the window.

This grown-up stuff can be hard.

There are many days when I have to remind myself of how it's so very normal, very okay, very real and that GOD is the one I should look to for calm, for help, for peace in my home. And He does help. The best part is the forgiveness part - I can ask him for forgiveness, and forgive myself for all the "imperfect" and start the day new and try to do it better - whether it's the first five minutes of the day, or the last.

So I am afraid I have a bit of bad news for you...whether you are 22, 32 or 42, it's never perfect. Never. But stay focussed on our Saviour and there is always love, often joy, always G R A C E in these messy, imperfect moments. :)

PS. Cute kiddie craft coming up tomorrow using a glove. Hope I have your interest piqued. See you then.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy Birthday! We are very similar in age, I turned 41 last weekend (two children and a dog). I completely relate to everything you have written so well. Best Wishes!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Georgia! That was a beautiful post- something we all need to remember more frequently. I find myself seeking forgiveness for messy motherhood over and over... I suppose like you said, that won't end. :) love the photo!

Horváth Emerencia said...

Happy birthday!

Chels said...

Hope your special day was fantastic! I love this 'real' post and can tell you're a great momma! Have a happy (and hopefully very little messy) July! :)

Katherine Marie said...

Ohhhhh what beautiful beautiful words from the most beautiful gal I know!!!!!! the light you have for God, for your boys and for others shines through in your photograph and words so vibrantly. I am honored to know you in such a close way on your birthday and everyday! Xoxoxox!

Lelani said...

Happy birthday Georgia and thank you for an honest, heartwarming post. It's the imperfections of daily life that remind us of our humanity & humility. NONE of us gets it right all the time, but luckily He doesn't expect us to. Thank you for the gentle reminder to be kinder to ourselves sometimes too xx

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