June 27, 2013

Tea Bag Craft and Gift

Boy, I know I have been rather slow in posting, but not because I haven't wanted to. Some family/life changes have simply meant more responsibility for me and a little less time (and energy) for fun things (the best things) like blogging. But Love and Lollipops is never far from my mind. This space is like a great old friend - always welcoming, always happy to see me, always fun! I hope that when you do see a new post, you feel the same way :).

Today I'm sharing our Mother's day gift that we made for the super Grannies in our lives. I saw this idea over at Rebeccas DIY blog and knew we had to try it. If you love art, simple crafts and tea, then this one is for you. I absolutely love Rebecca's version and the special box she made, so do go have a look. 

First off, you need to purchase some tagged tea bags and cut small white cards to overlap the tag. Then get arty and decorate the tags, which you must staple onto the tea bag tags. Wrap up the tea bags neatly and put them back into the box (decorated if you like) or a petty flat packet. Now you have a special gift for a tea-loving lady.

Till next time...

PS. Our homemade Mother's Day gifts from previous years:
Cards to use made from children's art
Serviette holder
Mosaic fridge magnets 

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Unknown said...

I love the tiny artwork! I'm a sucker for all things little (and simple, I love simple!)

Yes! I always look forward to posts from you... doesn't matter if they are close together or far apart!


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