September 11, 2013

Cowboy Fun {Part 1}

Earlier this year, Little One was into cowboys, so I created some fun activities around the theme. Here are some of the things we got up to. 

Cowboy paper doll via

Cowboy memory match game via Homeschool Creations.

A sequencing game. Spot the sequence and then continue it. 

A memory game. Show the items for 15/20 seconds, then cover. What can he remember?

Another fun idea with these little plastic toys is to hide duplicates around the room and send the kiddos to find them. This is a fun way to teach new words like wigwam/cactus/camp fire etc. 

And we made a WANTED poster-  although little one doesn't like being a baddie :)

Books we read:
(This last one we haven't read ourselves, but it comes highly recommended.)

Part 2, coming soon.

1 comment:

katherine marie said...

your little buckaroos are just adorable! I love your theme, details and photos! I think we will need to plan a WESTERN week thanks to your awesome inspiration! xoxoxox

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