September 20, 2013

Cowboy Party


I promised you part 2 of our Cowboy fun and it's still coming, but today I'm sharing this Cowboy themed party we attended in July. It was hosted by my lovely friend Grietjie for her son's 4th birthday. The details were fantastic and the games so much fun. Don't you love the cake? It was baked by a friend and I think it's too cute.

The decor was super - Oh how I love those cow-hide balloons :).

 Love the popcorn bags.

Grietjie is a very gifted artist and she drew these designs on simple paper plates - so clever and very effective.

Oh and these boot shaped biscuits (sigh). Hand-painted by the hostess - I kid you not.

 This mama always has the best ideas and she created lots of birthday fun for her guests. There was "Pin the moustache". 

Aim for the cans and knock 'em down.

Shoot that flame out.

Taking a look at these two rather forlorn cowboys, all I can think is, "Gosh darn it, those wily bandits sure are difficult to pin down."  (The one on the left is the birthday boy. The one on the right is Little One.)

And Grietjie also made these super hobby horses (pattern via dandee)

Super party hey? Till next time, heeehaaa! 


Joyfulmama said...

Aaahh Georgia it was SO special to relive the day here through your stunning pictures!! It wouldn't have been half the fun without special friends like you :-) Just one correction: I bought the paper plates that way (at Checkers, nogal!!) But thanks for the vote of confidence in my creativity!!!

katherine marie said...

what a SPECTACULAR party!!! absolutely perfect and special and creative in every way possible!

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