September 29, 2013

Cowboy Fun {Part 2}

 Cowboy fun continues here...

 Cowboy pages from Making Learning Fun. (love this website!)

Desert Diamond Back Snake craft also from Making Learning Fun. This is a great fine motor activity - lots of cutting and sticking.

Found these customizable worksheets at twistynoodle.

And we read about the spiny giants of the desert (saguaros) and did this fun cactus craft  (Idea via Pinterest). Little One really enjoyed this activity.

For more Cowboy fun, here are some great links:
Cowboy cut-outs by made by joel
The windowsill desert from Spoonful
Tiny teepees from youaremyfave


Unknown said...

That cactus idea is so great!!! I love that you have a little cowboy :) what a fun thing to have you little guy into. Neither of my boys have gone that direction. We've had tractor love, fish love, dino love, ninja love... but nothing with cowboys yet. Maybe my newest little guy will want to be a cowboy!

km said...

I absolutely love everything about this!!! the cactus is killing me----sooooo cute! You know I can't resist a theme and this one is just extraordinary! thanks for sharing!!!!! xoxoxox

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