April 6, 2012

Easter garden Sensory box

 I whipped up this Easter garden sensory box for Little One yesterday. I added some coloured rice, Easter eggs, pom poms, some mini garden tools, planters, paper flowers and butterflies. I would have liked to have had a little watering can, but I couldn't find one, so we used our imagination :).

Little One first gobbled up some of the Easter eggs (of course!) and then got down to some playing.

To colour the rice, put it in a deep bowl and add food colouring and a little bit of water. Stir in well and keep adding until you are happy with the colour. Then spread it out to dry on a big tray. I put mine outside for a few hours and it dried easily. 

Wishing you and yours a very Blessed Easter weekend! 


Km said...

This is just DARLING!!!!! I love it... Every detail makes me smile! I am afraid if I made one this cute that I wouldndn't let the kids play with this because I would hog of all the play time!

Michelle Griffo said...

I love pom poms! That sensory box is adorable I want to play in it too! :)


Apples and ABC's

Michelle DuPuis said...

This is adorable Georgia! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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