April 16, 2012

The sweetest smelling Garbage Truck

At Christmas my hubby and I received some Lindt chocolate...mmm, don't you just love Lindt? I thought the papers were too pretty to throw away and they smell so good too.

If you have a little guy in your house, I'm willing to bet he loves the garbage truck. Ours comes on a Tuesday and I always say a small prayer that it will arrive before Little One has to go off to school. So when I suggested that we make a garbage truck, he was really keen. 

I cut out the truck beforehand and with the craft glue in hand and a little help on my part, Little One glued the pieces down to make the truck. Then the really fun part began - smelling and rolling the chocolate papers into balls and sticking them into the truck. All in all he enjoyed the activity and our sweet smelling garbage truck has claimed a spot on the fridge. :)

Till next time.

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mermaid said...

I wish our carbage truck (we call it bin van :) )looked so pretty.. and smelled so good :)

Lovely picture! Love the face of the Little One when he is rolling up the chocolate paper :)

Nadine von herz-allerliebst.de said...

Dear Georgia,
thank you for your visit and your nice comments. I´m happy you like some of the ideas :).

My boys painted the dishes with porcelain pens - that´s all :).

By the way: We love Lindt, too ... and the garbage truck is very cute.

Hugs from Germany,

Little People's Products said...

Love the little hands and the happy face!
Little One had so much fun. Very cute.

Km said...

Absolutely darling!! I think it a so awesome how you use recycled products in such new and creative ways. :) :)

Unknown said...

How stinkin cute!! I love your use of recycled materials! And I wish my trash can smelt that good too. haha!

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