April 20, 2012

Easy Chicken Craft

I found my inspiration for this sweet chicken craft in an old copy of the your family magazine. The template I used was actually meant for a hen beanbag, which I would have loved to have made, but wasn't brave enough to attempt. I enjoyed making a paper version though (far easier too!)

Did you know that the frilly part on top of the chicken's head is called a "comb" and the wobbly bit below it's beak, a "wattle"? Aren't those just the perfect names for those body parts :)? For a nice labeled photograph of the parts of a chicken, peck your way over to Farming Friends and there's lots of interesting information and print-outs about chickens at Enchanted Learning.

Till next time. 

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Km said...

Beyond darling!!!!! I Just love them!

mermaid said...

I love the simplicity of this craft! Will be using it next year to make Easter cards! But on the other hand I need some birthday cards next month.. :)
Thanks for the good idea! Will play around with it now :)

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