April 11, 2012

Georgie's Picks {Sorta famous} and a Give Away Challenge update

I've overheard Big One say to some of his friends: "Do you want to be famous? My Mom can put you on her blog. "

That makes me smile.

So Big One thinks he's sorta famous :). This is one of his friends who kinda liked that idea...


And now...did you join me in the Give Away Challenge? How are you doing? Yesterday was Day 20 for me and I have managed to part with 65 things so far.  Things like linen, towels, jewelry, cutlery, crockery, toys and clothes. Tonight I tackle my clothing cupboard, so I know that I'll have lots more to add. If you have also been giving stuff away, please do let me know about your progress.

Till next time. 


km said...

These photographs are just STUNNING!!!! and your model is just gorgeous--- yes she is FAMOUS now! My give-a-way stuff has been going good... not as good as YOU, but slow and steady. xoxoxoxoox

Leigh said...

I was reading a book with 1 of my twin girls Emily (4 years old) and we were commenting on how pretty the fairy was in the story. I then asked her "Where do you look to see if someone is beautiful" and she said "Mommy you look in their hearts". Isn't that just wonderful?
Love from Leigh in NZ xx

Anonymous said...

Stunning photo's of a pretty model. Well done, Georgia.

I know the girl personally and can report that she is beautiful on the outside and the inside (kind heart). Thank you, Lord!

As far as the Give Away Challenge is concerned, I am failing dismally.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!

The giveaway challenge? I'm trying... I've been sorting and bagging stuff thats leaving... but it hasn't left yet. It will though, it will :)

Chels said...

That would make me smile too! Cute girl, looks like she's a natural!

Well, I had a big pile already when you started this challenge and I've only added a few things to it so I'll be continuing in May with the challenge. I need to get rid of lots of stuff!

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